goodbye, twenty-something.

Text message, a few weeks ago. “I can’t understand why you purposefully put walls up with certain aspects of your life… I don’t just keep everyone at acquaintance level to suit my needs.”

I’m thirty years old.

I’m really more contemplative than trying to fight the change of thirty. I think my life is really just beginning now. My twenties were full of uncertainty and I was even more neurotic then when I was a teenager because there were more bad, exciting and strangely rewarding choices to make, and I was even more stubborn and hard-headed, and this often led to learning the same lesson multiple times. I simply went through cycles of glowing, suffering, and withering in my highly toxic, bipolar relationships. I, like many in their twenties, was relishing every moment of my own and others’ stupidity and selfishness. I couldn’t help but love and loathe the depression, the climb, the self-deprecating secrets.

Even when things were progressing in the way society, my parents, and college had taught me, sometimes it was all so perplexing and moving at this horribly quick pace that it tumbled and lurched into this knot in my stomach, and I just wanted to get off this ride but of course I couldn’t. Everything was a run-on sentence and I was giving more and more and more of myself until I became so empty, tattooed, and starved, it was getting quite taxing. I punished myself and the others around me because I was not happy. And when I was happy, I gave everyone else too much credit, too much of my trust and affection, and I was so. fucking. emotional. all. the. fucking. time.

I had a lot of really great, mellow friends but since I was a very young child I was always a sucker for difficult, tantalizing bitches and assholes who weren’t totally off base when we would get into arguments, but were definitely not in the right either. Usually I would bow down to their demands to appease them even if I felt like they were punishing me for not meeting a standard that they could never meet themselves.

The first part of this entry, the text message above, is part of a conversation I had with someone I really care about, cared about, I don’t even try to dissect the distinction between past and present of this detail anymore. The end of our friendship has allowed me to feel a large range of emotions, similar to what I’ve felt before at the end of any relationship ― bitter, sad, relieved and ultimately, more guarded.

Hurtful and cruel things were said because neither one of us could back down even though I think we’ve both really have done our best in this friendship, even if we have different ideas of what that means. Those two sentences she wrote struck me more factual than the rest of her emotional discharge. Those walls that I so carefully built over the years are driven by experience, devastation, abandonment. I don’t keep everyone at acquaintance level as much as I no longer treat my friendships like I did before. I have many different friends that bring amazingly different perspective to my life instead of having a quasi-romantic relationship with a girl friend or two. Also, the past year a lot of my priorities have shifted. I’m more dedicated to helping my parents transition into their mid-60′s, trying to get eight hours of sleep, making sure I can maintain my own sanity as well as M’s, working on art projects, running, staying out of debt, not constantly trying to fill everyone else and myself up with hedonistic crazy bohemian madness and participating in estrogen-driven telephonic therapy sessions. Of course with that territory comes the potential to be flaky and unavailable, which I never denied, but I am sorry that I inadvertently hurt her or anyone else.

Unfortunately with age and walls, the apologies often never get expressed in the exchange of angry, resentful accusations. I’m less patient with life-sucking, guilt-heavy situations that seemed to completely absorb me before. I’m over people walking all over me with heated rants, baiting me with their forgiveness, or passive aggressiveness. I used to be really apologetic, and now I just get irate.

Maybe it’s just now that I understand my own self-worth. Maybe it’s just now that I understand that if a situation has escalated to becoming a sawed off shotgun menacingly jabbing at the roof of this mouth we called a friendship, I’m slowly learning to not panic, relax the jaw, and wait for the evacuation of it’s brain. I’m not negotiating with someone who attacks me. What’s left for me to even save if you’ve already got your finger on the trigger? I won’t force you to stay. I can’t keep giving and giving and be pathetically sorry when it’s only a matter of time before I surely will disappoint them again and I will try to defend myself, and then glow, suffocate, and wither all over again. And again.

Because really, I’m starting to warm up to my thirties. I am about to marry this really stellar person who really loves everything about me, even the psycho rants I go on where I can’t control the volume of my voice, and he leans his head into his palm like he’s attentively watching a professor explain why vaginas are so amazing, but he’s really trying to muffle my high pitched excited squeals from four months ago about traffic and how I needed to build a giant roller-coaster that would take me to and from work. Could I even stand to be on a roller-coaster for 25.2 miles? I bet I could build it right across the bay. What happens when it rains? Do you ever think about how much bacteria is on BART seats? I bet they were really cozy when they were new.

Twelve years of adulthood and I finally got one thing right: him. And by him, I mean finally realizing that my life doesn’t have to be so draining. It can be effortless. It’s not always uphill. I have the best people surrounding me right now. I’m in more control over my happiness than I’ve ever been ― even if I’m sometimes scared to love when those old, pesky memories whisper through me when I have too much time to think and I feel alone. I remember all the times I was never good enough and I had to be sorry for it. But it’s gone as fast as it came, and I shake it off, taking long ravenous breaths of this new life with these brand new walls that I painstakingly built. And it’s then, or maybe now, that I understand that I don’t want to have to constantly explain who I am, or keep score, or try to measure up, or jump through hoops for peanuts; I simply refuse to ever let anyone make me feel like I’m in my twenties ever again.

“Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good fucking life.”
― Chuck Palahniuk

girl, interrupted.

nattyhotcakes: Uh, I just had a really uncomfortable moment. So, I decided to masturbate in M’s new living room while watching a porn with a bunch of hot big tittied bitches on the lawn rubbing themselves with baby oil. Well, I just had the front door open, but with the screen door shut and then the Block Captain just came up to the door to get our personal information for the neighborhood roster. And what’s worse is that I kind of panicked and left the vibrator running on the couch while talking to her.

tart: Hahaha. LMAO. That is the best story ever. OMG.

nattyhotcakes: Ughhhhh.

tart: I love that you just left it on the couch like no big deal. What’s up, bitch? Wanna get down with my couch orgy?

nattyhotcakes: What else am I supposed to do?! She didn’t shake my hand, that’s for sure. Man, this is the problem with these close knit neighborhoods. They all come out of nowhere. This old nice couple stopped by yesterday to say hello and drop off cookies.

“Hellooooooo new neighbors! We’re just stopping by to welcome youuu. We knew the people who lives here beforeeeeee….”

tart: You’re like in the real adult dream! You have to become a housewife now. There’s no other way.

nattyhotcakes: We’ll see what happens.
The Block Captain’s husband said “We can’t wait for you to have kids.”

tart: Yes! Haha! See? He gets it. Unless he’s a pedophile then he has to die. You have to start writing in your blog about what you think these people do in their houses and slowly reveal their truths as you get to know them.

nattyhotcakes: They bake cookies and have no genitals.

tart: The captain sets sail again to the sea of desperation and regret, only to find his wife using the strap on with the family dog because it ate all her cookies. That bastard.

nattyhotcakes: She seemed kinda weird but I don’t know if it’s because of the masturbation thing or maybe because I was wearing a very low cut tank and boxer shorts. I had no idea people would show up! Even the ribbon on my shorts was untied. Fuck.

tart: She misses her vagina. She’s just jealous.

nattyhotcakes: I don’t know if she’ll say hi to me at the next neighborhood potluck picnic.

tart: She’ll have to, you’re already on a roll with neighborhood blackmail. You just need to catch her fucking the dog. That’s all. Then you’re even.

nattyhotcakes: That lady is like 60. She ain’t fucking no dog. She’s knitting ponchos in the sunroom. The worse she does is smoke a Virginia Light behind the tool shed when she cleans out the husband’s foot fetish porn stash every month. Dammit, Block Captain, you need better vices.

$ixty Dolla $umo


nattyhotcakes: Damnit, there’s a LivingSocial deal to watch Sumo.
Why am I so fascinated by weird shit?

tart: Sumo?

nattyhotcakes: Sumo at Ruby Skye.
But it’s hella expensive.
I dont know if I need to spend like $60 to see a bunch of fat men fight.
….or do I.

tart: hahaha
Ruby Skye… wow.
I haven’t been there since my clubbing days with too much coke.

nattyhotcakes: I only went there once, and
I drank so much that I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror.

the slaughter: lions and pigs

It starts off with a conversation about “Camp 14″, a documentary about one young man’s life being born into a North Korean labor camp. BTW, totally recommend it if you’re in the mood to be gloomy and contemplative. Netflix streaminggg!

nattyhotcakes: His perspective about
South Korea was particularly interesting.
He says that people don’t commit suicide
in those camps
like they do in regular civilization.
It’s like he recognizes all the damage
that the camp has done,
but deep down he misses the simplicity
of just being in a life
where all you have to do is obey and survive.
There isn’t money, or social pressures like owning
a Tesla, or anything.
Just y’know, beatings and torture and starvation
and public executions and fear.

tart: Oh just that, because that’s normal.
In like… 500 BC.

nattyhotcakes: I know, right?
When it was normal to be put thrown in with a couple lions.
I’m pretty sure if that happened to me
I would just lay down like a
lamb for the slaughter.
You can’t survive a lion unless you’re Russell Crowe.

tart: Yeah no kidding.
I dunno… I’d def try to find a way to escape or some shit.
Or like throw other people at it first that were
weaker than me.
The thing I never got with that is that animals
aren’t automatically that angry and want to attack you.
So being more docile might actually save your life.
It’s more likely to kill you
if you either try to attack it or try to run.

nattyhotcakes: Unless theyre starving…
then you’re fucked.
I don’t really know how often lions feed.

tart: I mean, as often as they can I presume.
They’re still felines..
so they scare easy if you make lots of noise.

nattyhotcakes: You can just hope you have your handy thunderstick with you.

tart: You’re better off trying to mount it
and look bigger than stabbing them.
or bang it on stuff.

nattyhotcakes: Ride the lion around in a circle,
waving your thunder stick in the air.

tart: The chances of you penetrating a lion
in the right place for it to die is really slim.

nattyhotcakes: You’d have to stab it in the eye, like a shark.

tart: And then again in the heart
if you can even get it out of his eye.
In Hungary, my family are a bunch of farmers,
so for Easter, they have all the men go out and slaughter a pig.
It takes like 5 full grown men to kill it.

nattyhotcakes: Wow. I don’t know if I could do it.
I would probably just be eating lettuce all day long.
You think the two of us could
kill a pig if we had to? Or would it kill us?
Those pigs are crafty.

tart: Yeah they are.
We’d have to catch it somehow long enough
to tie its feet together,
so it couldn’t run.
After we accomplished that I think we’d be good to go,
but the gross thing is that you
pretty much have to cut it open and
let it bleed out
instead of just stabbing it and letting it die,
cuz with something with the meat,
the fresher you can carve out what you want,
like, while its dying, the better it is.
I’d have to ask my dad.
I wasn’t allowed to watch it very closely and
I was too enthralled with watching my nagy mama
pull out feathers off a dead that she just
killed with her bare hands in the kitchen.

nattyhotcakes: When I went to China I watched
them kill chickens in the kitchen. It made me kind of sad.
I’m not really cut out for killing.
I feel sad when I see roadkill.

tart: I don’t…
I always thought there was something wrong with me.
I didn’t like to kill stuff,
but like, I dunno…
even with pets I have a weird disconnect…
Like I love my dogs, but they will always just be dogs to me,
not any priority over humans.
But I’ve never been super animal lover
and out for animal rights and what not.
I like animals… but, they’re animals.
Most of them are food when it comes down to it.
I would kill them to eat if i had to.

nattyhotcakes: I think I feel more for animals than I do humans.
I think i’ve always been that way.
Fuck, I feel more for Christmas trees than I do for humans.

she really fucked up.

I’ve been totally MIA. It’s been one of those months whether shit is HAPPENING. House shopping and falling in love with a house made of entirely brick in fucking California, bitchin’ jobs where the only way I can get promoted is to go get my paralegal certification which is 2 years of stupid school and footing the $20k tuition, forgetting to pay my credit card bill and now my APR is at 24%, grandmothers hitting their heads and landing in hospitals and dying at ninety-six. WHATTHEFUCKGUCCIMANE! (This has nothing to do with Gucci Mane, but I do like the ring of that).

While talking about mortality and really just how much life sucks sometimes but at least I still have both of my legs and I’m not a drug addicted prostitute, MXM41 went on a tangent that should get some recognition. For the record, MXM41 is a type-A AZN that is typically a little more polished than the below rant. But sometimes polished language isn’t good for brilliant honesty and dark humor. So here’s our feedback and contribution for July 2013.

MXM41: I remember I told my mom I wanted to be a doctor when I was older,
so I could make her medicine so she could live forever.
And then she said no.
She was like, I don’t want to outlive all my friends and family.
I was totally crushed at the time though…
but I saw her point as I got older.
And when I also realized,
I’m not that fucking smart to be a doctor.
I blame her…for not letting me push myself to be a doctor.
As an Asian mother, she’s supposed to LIE.
She really fucked up.

So, the funeral for my grandmother isn’t until July 20th. If you know anything about Chinese funerals, you would know that there’s going to be a marching band and we’re going to hold up a huge picture of her from the 80′s and when she cared enough to dye her hair black. And then three days after, we’re going to show up at the cemetary with brightly colored clothing to see her off to heaven. Sometime after that I’ll come back with something possibly more positive to say. And I think MXM41 might too. AND for the record, I think being a doctor and a lawyer is totally overrated.

kitten dive | part one


In celebration of my twenty-nine and a half birthday (yes this is just like when you’re a kid and you tell everyone you’re nine and a half), I have decided to dissect the secret life of kitten diving. Before you get excited about chubby cats in scuba gear, I’m going to kindly clarify that I’m talking about cunnilingus, and by cunnilingus I mean the bizarre insane capability of making a girl cum in your mouth.

tart: I just get so frustrated.
I guess I don’t really even know what to tell him to do,
like I’ve never ate pussy, so I don’t know what to say.

nattyhotcakes: That’s my biggest problem.
He’s like “Am I doing this right? What can I do different?”
and I’m like, IDK?
And it’s not like you learn anything from porn.

tart: Srsly.
They teach you nothing in porn.
They just stick their whole face in,
which I don’t like at all.
All I ever say is “act like we’re making out, but with my pussy” but meh.
Maybe it’s more clitoris action then I think.

So, then I ask my other friend bettyhotcakes for her opinion.

nattyhotcakes: Have you ever had a guy properly eat you out?

bettyhotcakes: I’ve never finished. It’s always been foreplay that leads to what I like best – sex. I’ve had a few guys be good at it — one came at me from behind and that was shocking and different. Otherwise, it’s a good time when you can tell they’re straight and they’re turned on — like full on box munching. The timid licks do nothing for me or my confirmation of his sexuality.

And after going back and forth with my dear tart and bettyhotcakes, I had to go ask the only professional I know, mr. right now. We met about a year and a half ago at a little infamous Castro brunch/club called Lime, and from that point forward we’ve shared stories of our fun and exciting dating adventures (there is sarcasm here, by the way). This guy is the ultimate opportunist who has managed to tongue his way through pussies without ever becoming monogamous. Thirty some odd years of straight up dick freedom has earned this dude a few badges in the bedroom via kitten dive, so I digress to text for some insight.

nattyhotcakes: I’m writing a blog about pussy eating.
We can’t figure it out.
What exactly are you doing to make a girl cum?
It’s not that porn tongue flicking nonsense, is it?

mr. right now: Nawwwww, honestly it’s all about girl.
I use the first time to observe then by the second time I’m good to go.
Some women cum from Pitbull style (sloppy and aggressive),
some enjoy a lot of pressure, others a lot less…
It just depends on who she is so I don’t have just one move to make them.
It’s a series of events.
And no hands; I think that’s cheating and I only do it if it’s requested.

nattyhotcakes: Ugh, just as I had suspected,
pussy eating remains a mystery.
But are you focusing on the clit?
Or do you take a tour with your mouth?
Can you convince the next girl to allow filming for educational purposes?

mr. right now: I stay in the general area around the clit,
just above it, and around the top of the lips.
Honestly it’s not a big mystery. It’s pretty simple.
If you break it down, there’s two types of women:
those that can have an orgasm orally or those that can’t/won’t.
And if you pay attention to their reactions while performing the act
there shouldn’t be a problem at all.
Example, If she’s reading her Kindle while you’re in-between
then you’re fucking up, try something else.
If she’s crushing your head with her legs then ding ding ding!
You’re doing something right.

nattyhotcakes: What? There aren’t simple directions?

mr. right now: I can tell you exactly what not to do
but as far as what to do to achieve “greatness”
it varies from woman to woman.
Sorry, hommie.

nattyhotcakes: I think a lot of the problems start when guys
aren’t willing to just explore. I mean, this is the time to travel like
Christopher Columbus and sail the ocean blue!
He certainly didn’t get to take India by spelling out the alphabet.

mr. right now: FYI, b is the best letter.

nattyhotcakes: Lowercase pr uppercase b?

mr. right now: Lowercase b then go back over it in reverse.

Is that all it takes?
Some b’s and figuring out what pressure/speed
that’s going to push me over the edge?

tart: Huh, I need more than just b’s!

At this point I’m starting to think it’s a little unfair. I mean, sucking dick is pretty easy to map out. It’s obviously way more successfully done than muffy fucking. As bettyhotcakes said, “Put dick in mouth, don’t use your teeth and try not to gag. Dicks go in holes. Girls are complicated. Things go in, around, on, flick, lick, rub.” So when you can’t get enough specific information from a straight dude, what does a girl do? Resort to cruising through lesbian advice online! The best of the best of muffy fucking experts have got to be in the lesbian community. You got one, you eat one, TADA! So here’s what the lesbians say:


An excerpt from Lesbian Lovers: The Art of Cunnilingus

Every gay woman knows, the vagina is a complicate instrument that is attached to our brains and unlike our male counterparts, who merely have to graze it against a tree and they get a hard on. Well for us ladies it takes a little bit of warming up; it’s all about teasing, and taking it slowly. All vaginas differ in shape, taste, smell, and feeling. Every woman needs to be learned and understood as an individual; understanding that the same trick may not work on all women.

When doing cunnilingus, you don’t only use your mouth and tongue, but your ears to listen to her and your hands to feel her. Stay in tune with your lover, don’t just focus on making her cum it should be fun and you should enjoy being there watching her while you play with her body and excite her. It’s not a race and you don’t get a prize for how fast you make her climax, but rest assured you will get one for how hard.

You want to start by kissing her entire body and slowly moving south, maybe even gently breathing on top of her vagina to feel you hot breath but never touch her. Don’t go straight for her love button aka “clitoris,” it can be painful and without a proper welcoming party she might not be interested to play.

It’s good to spend time around her thighs licking and kissing her sensitive skin, just gently brushing your lips (mouth) against hers (vagina). You want to keep her surprised and be adventurous, touch her with your fingers never penetrating just rubbing softly then quickly. You should always keep your eye on how she’s reacting, and listening to every moan and word she says.

Then when you see the colors of her body change to darker reds and she is throbbing in excitement you can start playing with her clitoris. You can use your lips to suck on her clitoris, and your tongue to penetrate her and reach in and lick inside. Always listening to what she likes and keep going.

Remember a climax is a build up so you don’t want to go hot and cold on her; otherwise, she will lose and move back down to base camp (she will not be happy about this!) so keep going watching her and making sure your on target. Here is a clue, if she’s telling you that she likes it then that means don’t stop!

Also, while you’re down there don’t forget there are other parts to her body that need attention. Now is a really good time for breast play or if you’re a little more in adventurous mood there is always anal (stick your pinky in her anus while you go down on her.) There also your fingers that can go inside her and then you can feel her contraction and how close she is to cuming. There is your nose that you can rub up against her vagina, what some might call “a down under Eskimo kiss.”

Whatever you decide to do it’s meant to be fun not a chore, so talk to each other before. Be honest about what you like and want. Remember, no one is a mind reader and it’s a lot more enjoyable when both of you are confident because you both have given each other permission to discover your bodies.

So here’s recap:

1. Tease, tease, tease. Play with her body before you go for the direct stimulation.
2. Lick, kiss and nibble her stomach, thighs, and outer labia.
3. Use your entire face to play with her vagina, your nose, lips, teeth, chin, tongue and you can even use longer hair to tickle her gently.
4. Circle around her clitoris and vagina using different pressures and speeds.
5. Penetrate her vagina with your tongue.
6. Breathe and blow warm air above her vagina but never directly inside especially if she is pregnant (a cause of air embolism).
7. Flick you tongue quickly over her clitoris.
8. Make your tongue big and flat and rub it all over her vagina.
9. Nibble and bite, but only if she’s given you an okay otherwise you might get a smack on the head.
10. Touch her while you go down on her, use breast play or penetrate her with your finger either vaginally or anally, matching the rhythm of your tongue.
11. Always listen to your partner. Watch her, and how she moves.
12. Have fun and don’t forget the only way you know if you’re doing it right is to ask (but not a hundred time just enough that she is screaming yes!)


…Lesbians to the rescue? Okay, kids, homework time:

A) Experiment with the above list.
Although.. wait, longer hair to tickle her? Err…

B) Read “The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping with Chicks” by Jen Sincero.

daydreams of napping

tart: I don’t nap at lunch.
I would if I could…
but it’s too hot outside and I’ve been carpooling with my mom,
so I have nowhere to nap.

nattyhotcakes: Can’t you just lock yourself in the cot room?

tart: Meh, it kinda creeps me out in there.

nattyhotcakes: I dont think I’ve ever been in there.

tart: It looks cold and weird.

nattyhotcakes: It looks like someone died in that room,
or people go in there to cry.

tart: Exactly, like you don’t go there to sleep…
you go there to dwell in misery.

nattyhotcakes: We need like an RV in a parking lot.
I feel like my life would be 113% better if I had an RV in Palo Alto.

tart: Except I would never be in the office.
I’d be in the RV playing house with you, and watching movies.

nattyhotcakes: It would be epic!
Then I wouldn’t actually ever go home.
I would just hang out, and then I would become a trailer park whore.

tart: PA trailer park whores who don’t like anyone.

nattyhotcakes: And then we can have a show –
patent bitches who live in a trailer park and
fight mexican alligators in their spare time.


Notes on why you should nap according to Ririan Project:

1. Less stress.

Curling up in a sunny patch on the floor or even lying your head down on your desk for a quick snooze brings relaxation. Research found that stress hormone levels were lower in those who took stress-reducing actions such as napping. Take a break each day from the stresses and reduce your risks, find a quiet, comfortable spot and take a nap. Even a short power nap can leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and more focused.

2. Increased alertness and productivity.

If you have the opportunity for a power nap, particularly after a poor night of sleep, by all means, take one. You will feel more alert and energetic afterwards, and once rested after your mid-afternoon nap, your mood, efficiency, and alertness level will improve greatly. Scientists have even proven that taking a 20-minute nap approximately eight hours after you have awaken will do more for your stamina than sleeping another 20 minutes in the morning. Of course when you first come out of your afternoon nap, you will feel a bit groggy for around ten minutes, but once your decline in motor dexterity dissipates, you will reap the rewards of being well rested and ready to go for the rest of the day.

3. Improved memory and learning.

Naps aren’t just for the very young, old, and sluggish. Daytime dozing may enhance a person’s capacity to learn certain tasks. That, at least, is the eye-opening implication of a new study in which college students were challenged to detect subtle changes in an image during four different test sessions on the same day.

Participants improved on the task throughout the first session. The students’ speed and accuracy then leveled off during the second session. The scores of the participants who didn’t nap declined throughout the final two sessions. In contrast, volunteers who took a 20-minute power nap after completing the second practice session showed no ensuing performance dips. What’s more, 1-hour power nappers responded progressively faster and more accurately in the third and fourth sessions. It looks like napping may protect brain circuits from overuse until those neurons can consolidate what’s been learned about a procedure.

4. Good for the heart.

Taking 40 winks in the middle of the day may reduce the risk of death from heart disease, particularly in young healthy men, say researchers. They studied 23,681 individuals living in Greece who had no history of coronary heart disease, stroke or cancer when they first volunteered, and found that those who took a 30-minute siesta at least three times a week had a 37% lower risk of heart-related death. The researchers took into account ill health, age, and whether people were physically active. So go ahead and nap — a short daily snooze might ward off a heart attack later in life. It is known that countries where siestas are common tend to have lower levels of heart disease.

5. Increased cognitive functioning.

In a recent study, researchers at NASA showed that a 30-minute power nap increased cognitive faculties by approximately 40 percent! Tests carried out on one thousand volunteers proved that those who continued working without rest, made lower scores in intelligence tests like the IQ test. More importantly, their capacities to work and memorize decreased in comparison to those who napped after lunch.

In concordance with NASA’s work, biology students at Berkeley determined that the nap must be short in order to produce maximum effectiveness. Over forty five minutes, the beneficial effects of napping disappear and it is therefore suggested to take a fifteen to thirty five minute “power nap”. This is the time necessary for the organism to rest and enables brain neurons to recuperate.

6. Get motivated to exercise.

Sufficient sleep and naps help motivate exercise. Some 28 percent of adolescents say they are too tired to exercise, due to sleep. As adults, let’s not let tiredness ruin our jogs. You’re guaranteed to run longer, faster, more efficiently and mindfully when your body has it’s required amount of zzzz’s. So, store-up, shore-up and build-up your energy reserve with a power nap. It’s easy (free!) and proven effective.

7. Boost your creativity.

Rest and relaxation isn’t only vital to your health — it might also make you a more creative person. People tend to be more imaginative after a good night’s sleep. Other experts agree that taking a nap or stepping away from a problem or project refreshes the mind and could lead to better ideas later. Power napping allows your brain to create the loose associations necessary for creative insight and opens the way for a fresh burst of new ideas. So if you feel stuck, then you might want to take a nap. Return to the problem after diverting your attention for a while. The best part is that there’s no need to feel guilty, because taking some “me time,” in this case, could help your business in the long run.

8. Make up for midnight tossing and turning.

Some of the most recent research suggests that a bad night’s sleep can stress the body as well as the mind. One such study, suggests that missing sleep throws the body’s metabolism off kilter. Scientists at the University of Chicago studied physical changes in 11 young men who slept four hours per night for six nights in a row. They found that sleep deprivation seemed to trigger a diabetes-like condition, harmed hormone production, and interfered with the ability to use carbohydrates.

According to some studies, power napping is clearly beneficial to someone who is a normal sleeper but who is getting insufficient sleep at night. Researchers still don’t understand the underlying neurobiology, but it looks like sleep time is cumulative. They compared the alertness of people who slept eight hours a night to that of people who slept less but took a nap during the day. Both groups were equivalent.

9. Protect yourself from sleepiness.

Scientists had also found benefits in the “prophylactic” nap for people who have to stay up late. It can protect you from sleepiness. If you have to be up all night, a two-hour or a four-hour nap does provide additional alertness the next day. Research conducted by NASA produced similar results. Naps are clearly useful for some people, including shift workers, students, and anyone doing long-haul work, such as pilots on transcontinental runs.

10. Better health.

Napping in general benefits heart functioning, hormonal maintenance, and cell repair, says Dr. Sara Mednick who is at the forefront of napping research. A power nap, says Mednick, simply maximizes these benefits by getting the sleeper into and out of rejuvenating sleep as fast as possible.